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Our club provided labour, essentially as guides to escort the students to the various activities in this very intensive driver training day.  It was easy work, but really interesting as we watched some real learning take place.  It was often sobering stuff, for example as we viewed the result of a poor decision by a young driver which lead to a death:


It wasn’t all passive watching and learning.  The youngsters got to experience what it was like to brake really hard, for example:


They usually emerged a bit shaken but much better prepared for an emergency braking situation.

There was a sled demonstrating the effect and feel of a seat belt in a sudden stop:


as well as classroom lessons:


For me the most moving session by far was watching the students listen to a severely disabled person talk openly and frankly about the consequences of a car accident causing severe brain damage.  The impact on that person’s whole life was huge, and very obvious to everyone there.  I’ve never seen such attention paid to a speaker, you could hear a pin drop for the whole 15 minutes!

To top things off, we even got a free lunch!

DSCF1589 (Large)




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